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Hello lovely readers,

I hope you all have a great day!!:)

OMG!! I am so…..Happy 😊. I don’t forget this day TUESDAY 4th July 2017.

This is my first ever nomination in the blogging community. Guys!! You know I am really waiting for nominate, Now, I am super excited for this. Thank you so much My thoughts and every single reader who read my post and inspire from my post. I will do my best and you always inspire from my post.

Thank you so much My Thoughts to give me a chance to express my views, ideas through my blog.

She is an amazing blogger. I Love her blog because I Love DIY ❤ and many more things on her blog. I want a favor please check out her blog. 

Link is here:

Here my answers to your questions:

1. Before to start blogging, did you prepare yourself (schedule, ideas, pictures…) or  you just started?

  Yes, before I start blogging I planned everything. Pinterest is very helpful when I am planning for entering in the blogging community.

2. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Honest, caring, helpful.

3. What does like the most about my blog?

I like your pictures and DIY in your blog ❤.

4. What was the most challenging post (in terms of editing pictures, writing/ explaining you’ve done so far?

Recently, I post graphic design Basic series part 3 Visual elements of graphic design. Explaining is the most challenging part for me.

5. What is the characteristic of a Good blog post, in your opinion?

  •  Simple is that when you write your post you always remember to use easy language and words. In this way, people can understand your views easily.
  • Use attractive pictures.

Now it’s time for Nomination ❤


1. Thank the person who nominated you

2. Answer questions sent by the person who nominated you

3. Nominate other bloggers

4. Write them new questions

5. List the rules and let other bloggers know

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My questions are:

1. Why you choose blogging community?

2. Currently, which novel you are reading?

3. How many months in your blogging community and share your experience?

4. Which is your favourite food?

5. Describe yourself in one word?

6. Who is your favourite blogger and why?

I hope you all enjoyed this Post 😊

I will be waiting for your answers. Till then Happy Reading:) 

See you soon!!