About Me And My Blog

Hey Everyone!

I am Garima Kapoor.

I love to read novels♥ I am obsessed with Harry Potter♥ I love Mc Donald’s♥.

Last year I met my favorite Author Savi Sharma in Book Fair. I really inspired from her books. It gives positive vibes, motivates, and inspiration.

Last year, I started and searching for graphic design, later in future I join Graphic Design course and then I think to start a self-taught study in Graphic Design.

Apart from this, I never think about to start writing on my own blog. It’s a very big platform for me. When I start writing, It gives me positive vibes and motivates to others. I love designing and I’m still learning! I want to share my graphic design learning process with you:). So let’s do!

Favorite Quote: Just believe in yourself, There is no one better.

designerworldstudio is something to motivate you for self- taught learning. whatever you passionate about.First, You can start learning yourself then later in future you can join classes according to your field.

Thank You

Garima Kapoor (Designerworldstudio)