MY One Year Blog Anniversary❤

Hello lovely readers! Finally, I’m back and I’m so happy. Yesterday, I’m celebrating my one year blog anniversary. I’m so grateful to see you all here on this platform. Firstly, apologize for the late post because at that time I’m busy with my exams. After then, my Grandfather hospitalized and I’m not at my home. Now he is fine. Since then, I’ve started planning for my blog one year anniversary. I hope that you all understand.

IMG-20180608-WA0030-01 (1).jpeg


Last month, my blog turned 1 year. Thank you so much, for taking a time to read my post, liked, comment and follow my blog. I meet amazing bloggers here on this platform. You all are so supportive to help to grow my blog. Thank you for one year and counting more with you all. I hope my blog grow more and my post helps in your life.



Blogging gives me a happiness in my life in the last one year. It’s an amazing journey with you all. I found so many inspirational bloggers and I learn so many things from their post. I never think to start my blog but it happens!

 I meet my favorite author in book fair her novels really motivation and inspiration. I inspired by her novels. When I reading her novel THIS IS NOT YOUR STORY, then I thought to start writing on the blog. After that, I search on Pinterest about blogging platform and how to set-up a blog. That time I’m doing graphic design then I thought to start a blog with designing. My brother helps me how to set-up a blog. He is doing blogging for last 1 year that he knows about blogging set-up and layout.

When I publish my first post I don’t know how people think they like it or not. After 1 hr. I open my account and see a positive response to my post. It gives me the motivation to write more and I’m grateful for the last 1 year comments, feedback, suggestions for my post.

Blogging helps me a lot to develop my personality, enhance my skills, learn new things about life. I’m grateful that I have shared my thoughts with you all. This year I will do a lot of collaborations with other bloggers. I know in the last one year I write less post according to my goals. From this year I do a regular post and up-to-date with social media also.

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I have changed my blog look a new logo and new header. You all know that I write about designing and then I have to take an interest in different things. I have decided to extend my blog topics. Blogging is not for one thing to write if you have an interest in more things you can write. From now onwards, you can see Art, lifestyle, motivation, creative things on my blog.




Now It’s your turn: What you think about blogging in your life? How long have you had your blog? Do you like my new logo and header of my blog?

Just believe in yourself, There is no one better.

Talk to me!

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See you in the next post! 🙂


17 thoughts on “MY One Year Blog Anniversary❤”

  1. Congratulations Garima for your 1st Blogging anniversary!
    Blogging is indeed a journey as well as a commitment, your dedication and hardwork is what helped you grow your blog to a large audience 200+ followers = amazing!
    The waffles look so yummy btw!
    All the best and hope your grandfather gets well soon and hope exams went smooth! 🙂 I got my final exams at the end of this month! :O

    Liked by 2 people

      1. My pleasure Garima 🙂 That’s great news that your grandfather is better. Wow kit kat! I really want to try waffles! My blog anniversary is in August 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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