Review : Graphic Design For Beginners Secrets To Graphic Design Revealed


Hello lovely readers! I hope you all doing amazing. First of all, I apologize for the lack of a blog post in the last months. I am not well and whatever post I wrote and saved on my pen drive is formatted. This month I schedule all my blog posts. Let’s start afresh.

I’m excited about today’s blog post to give you all about my first graphic design book review. Thank you very much, for voting on Instagram that I do a review in my blog post about the graphic design book. Let’s begin!

Title: Graphic Design For Beginners Secrets To Graphic Design Revealed!


Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC

Total Pages: 28

This book has 6 chapters and each chapter give you a basic knowledge of graphic design that how you enter into this graphic world. When you don’t know how you enter in this field that time students start taking a stress that time you can do one thing just be patient! Think now, what you do?

I know this is very difficult when you search on the Internet all the things are not in one place when you needed and you have to read or listen to so many videos or read the blog post. You can do one thing you can go to online sites or bookstore finds beginners graphic design books. It gives you a basic knowledge of graphic design what you have something to do in that field and then you decide if you interested or not it’s up to you. Then you proceed to this field.


In this book, you can study what is the responsibility of the graphic designer towards the client and the audience. When you enter into any firm to take a job what work you have something to do as a graphic designer you can learn in this. You learn about what are the basic rules for a graphic designer and how they work with a team member. The technology increased as a designer you have to know how graphics software work and you need to be an expert on that software. You will need a degree or without the degree, you can learn. If you are doing any other degree course you can also join a diploma course. In this, you can learn what is the difference between the degree or diploma course. Now, last research how you choose graphic design school?

You all know that I am going a self- taught study in graphic design. When I bought this book and start reading this book tells a very basic knowledge of graphic design. I find this book is very straightforward and it collects all the elementary knowledge in one place.

If you interested in this field, you can go for it and I give you a link to this book.


I hope you like it my first graphic design book review and if you want to more review like this you can tell me in the comment section. If you have any questions about this book. You can ask me freely in the comment section.

Now it’s your turn: If you are using any graphic design books, then you can share with us tell me in the comment section.



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