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I am busy with updated social media links, planning and search for good materials for the blog the post. I am back with my graphic design basic series Part 3- VISUAL ELEMENTS OF GRAPHIC DESIGN.

First of all, we understand this concept what is visual elements of graphic design. Then, we can continue with visual elements used in” many” ways like, in graphics, art, motion graphics etc. It is a very important role in designing. For example, when we make any product, logo or brochure we can use visual elements without this we can not make anything.


1. Line

The first and most important element of design we use the line. For example, when we make any logo, brochure or design a card. We use this visual element. Starting with any product we have to concentrate to choose a perfect line. Lines can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or curved.


2. Shape

The Shape is a structure of any product, logo, or anywhere we can use shape. The Shape into parts: geometric shape and organic shape.

A. Geometric shape: Geometric shape we can use to make circle, rectangle or any shape with compass or scale.

B. Organic shape: Organic shape we can use to make freehand pictures.


3. Space

Space is a distance or area between page or object in the design. For example, when we redesign brochure, magazine, or anything we have to focus on positive space and negative space.

4. Texture

We can see the texture in printable patterns, shining, or shadow. This is a very important part of the visual element. when we design anything.


5. Typography

Typography, we can also call fonts. This is a most important in visual element. we have to choose the right font for making the logo, magazines, and brochures. When the design process will be complete they look so attractive and eye-catchy.

6. Size

Size is also an important part of designing. We can make a perfect size for a logo like large, small, medium. This is the process of designing.


7. Color

Color plays a very important role in designing. We can apply color in line, shape, and typography. For example, you design a logo of any company and then you apply a color. It looks attractive and meaningful. Every color plays an important role in designing


Picture Credits Google


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