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In the last blog post, I have started graphic design basic series part 1 we discuss how to learn graphics design. I hope you all understand and it is useful for you.

Now, part 2 – What is graphic design?

We all search in google what is graphic design? And we all find it different answers: The art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books. The concept of graphic design is all about creativity and visual communication.

When we joined these two words: graphic and design. We can also call visual and art. Through graphic design, we can use visual communication and we can express the ideas to the client or partner.

For example, we know graphic designer make a book cover design, logo, flyer, and magazine cover etc. When a graphic designer makes any product and introduces to the client or in the market through visual communication. This is the best way to present the concept and easily understand and what is the motive of that product.

We can also say that visual communication is the best way to introduce a new startup company. The people can understand easily the concept.

We always remember that the visual elements and principles of designing. This is a very important role when we make any book cover, logo, or magazine cover etc. In the next series part 3, we can discuss the visual elements of graphic design.

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