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Hello lovely readers!

So, today we talk about CREATIVITY

C: Creator

R: Rainbow

E: Expressing

A: Attraction

T: Transformation

I: Innovation

V: Variety

I: Imagination

T: Team-work

Y: Youthful

Creator + Rainbow + Expressing + Attraction + Transformation + Innovation + Variety + Imagination + Team-work+ Youthful = Creativity.

So, now we will talk about CREATIVITY. Above we have elaborated different words for creativity. Creativity is so old stuff or word know it can be changed to its innovation.

What is the basis of creativity and innovation?

Creativity or innovation from something which a person can express his / her personality through his / her ideas. Similar innovation likes creativity to add-up new creations and converts ideas into different things.

Creativity does not make only for art it is made in every field like education, fashion, cooking, sport, etc. creativity or innovation can boost up your individuality. It helps the introvert person to improve their skills and helps to boost their personality, on the other hand, an extrovert person has been already confident and can freely talk with anyone but also here innovation or creativity helps them to think about new ideas to boost up their personality.

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Happy Blogging!!

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